personalised business card stamp

9:00am Friday, 22 Jan.

Ideal for any business man or lady with a crafty bent.

idlewild co greeting cards

9:00am Wednesday, 20 Jan.

Idlewild Co’s gift cards are the place where all our interests meet up, make small talk for a while then throw one helluva party.

this card is a hug

3:00pm Friday, 15 Jan.

Too often the people we want to shower in reassuring affection are a little (or a long) way out of arm's reach, which is where this gift card comes in handy.

a whale of a knife

9:00am Thursday, 07 Jan.

That's not a knife; THIS is a knife.

a hobbit home for you

3:00pm Sunday, 03 Jan.

Finally someone has granted our one great wish: to live in a hobbit’s home, just like Bilbo Baggins.

We thought we’d spend a little time introducing you to our lucky winner, and find out the story of how she came to her desert-themed design.

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