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the seapink greeting cards

3:00pm Friday, 12 Jun.

A word of warning: these prints are best viewed from behind a pair of shades, lest the bright-as-can-be designs leave you with a permanently squinty face.

guild of objects

3:00pm Thursday, 11 Jun.

There’s a bit of a pottery boom happening in Melbourne right now, with a bunch of makers getting sculpty and hitting the wheel to whip up some ceramic loveliness for our homes.

sushi towels

9:00am Sunday, 07 Jun.

A deliciously soft cloth that can dry off your mitts, then quickly be rolled into a tasty-looking piece of sushi? Oh yes, Jenny Pokryvailo has dreamt that up.

underwater hanging planters

3:00pm Friday, 05 Jun.

Today, in things that look like other things: these clever ceramic contraptions from California-based maker Cindy Searles.

Two brilliant inventions from one clever Frenchie.

Howdy-doo, frankie friends! It wouldn’t be Stuff Mondays without something spiffy to send your way, and this morning we’re ticking all the right boxes, if we do say so ourselves.

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