sew wanderlust embroidery

We all have a friend who's notorious for lagging behind on adventures, stopping at every opportunity to shoot a spiffy view, or the food dangling precariously from the end of their fork. While we often find ourselves hurrying our snap-happy pals along (there's more food to be consumed, people! No time to waste), we'd probably have a smidgen more patience for their mementos were they craftily operating a mobile needle and thread.

Teresa is the talented lass behind Sew Wanderlust, a series of souvenir landscapes that's a tad more involved than your average camera snap. The embroideries are stitched on-site as she explores her new surroundings, from fields in Hanoi, to the Charles Bridge in Prague, and closer to home at the Serpentine Falls in Perth.

For more stitchy inspiration, pop over to her blog.

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