a pink crocheted house

3:00pm Sunday, 25 Sep.

A small army of women in Sweden banded together to crochet an entire country house in hot pink yarn.

eco-friendly bunting

3:00pm Friday, 23 Sep.

Some thoughtful folks in Glasgow are making pretty buntings from recycled books (including some dubiously titled Ladybird classics).

Don’t know one end of a sewing machine from the other? This good lady can teach you all the basics (and show you how to stitch up a few snazzy garments) through the magic of the internet.

diy fabric watches

9:00am Wednesday, 21 Sep.

OK, so they don’t tell the time – but wouldn’t it be handy to have a timepiece that’s always set to the hour of lunch?

Meet your new embroidery and/or lettering crush.

diy chalkboard door hangers

3:00pm Wednesday, 14 Sep.

Scribble a message to your folks or housemates on this handy little door hanger.

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