knitted pineapple tea cosy diy

3:00pm Friday, 27 Feb.

Whether you're a knitter, a tea-lover, or a sucker for tropical fruits, discovering this stitched-up pineapple tea cosy is likely to have you reaching for a pair of needles, stat.

a little bit crafty: pimp my esky

9:00am Thursday, 26 Feb. by kaila perusco

Pretty up any old esky with some pastel loveliness.

depeche mode in stitches

9:00am Sunday, 22 Feb.

Some music fans show their devotion by flinging a pair of knickers on stage. Queenslander Natalie Selezneva, however, prefers to express her fandom through craft.

everlasting flowers

9:00am Thursday, 19 Feb.

Handmade bouquets are a pretty neat way to make sure your blooms stick around for longer than just a couple week.

no-stitch stamped scarf diy

3:00pm Wednesday, 18 Feb.

If the thought of threading a needle or turning under a hem makes you shudder in sewing self-doubt, this no-stitch DIY might just be to your liking.

diy hanging rope shelf

9:00am Tuesday, 17 Feb.

If you can work a simple power tool and tie a couple of basic knots, furniture construction couldn't be easier.

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