learn to sew a patchwork quilt

3:00pm Friday, 31 Jul.

This nifty kit has got almost all the doodads you need to complete a quaint and colourful knee blanket.

frankie exclusive diy: an introduction to eco-dyeing

3:00pm Thursday, 30 Jul. by kitiya palaskas & natima palaskas

Nice job, Mother Nature.

diy botanical wood slices

9:00am Tuesday, 28 Jul.

Nature adorned with more nature is our favourite kind, so these botanical wood slices are right up our flora-loving alley.

diy gold rope vase

9:00am Wednesday, 22 Jul.

Glue guns at the ready, frankie friends.

frankie exclusive diy: rain rain go away umbrella

9:00am Thursday, 16 Jul. by esther sandler

This super-easy project will make even the coldest and greyest of winter days instantly more colourful.

finders keepers melbourne is back

3:00pm Tuesday, 14 Jul.

Howdy-ho, frankie folk! Hopefully your piggy banks are full to the brim and ready to crack open.

oh hello there!

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