frankie exclusive diy: love stinks candles

3:00pm Thursday, 29 Jan. by kitiya palaskas

If the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day with red roses, chocolates and cheesy poems makes you roll your eyes and gag a little, then this project may be just the thing for you.

want to be a frankie crafter?

3:00pm Monday, 26 Jan.

Crafty types! frankie fiends! Lend us your ears!

decorative clay bell diy

3:00pm Sunday, 25 Jan.

Mention an afternoon of Sculpey-moulding and we'll be there with bells on – quite literally in this case.

diy dried flower bundles

9:00am Thursday, 22 Jan.

This DIY sees your blooms age gracefully – and smell lovely way past their use-by date.

how to make seed bombs

9:00am Friday, 16 Jan.

There are many nifty purposes for these DIY seed bombs: party favours, show-how-much-I-dig-you presents, or eco-friendly ammo for a slingshot, for instance.

washi tape printer

9:00am Thursday, 15 Jan.

How much fun you have with this washi tape printer is only limited to the amount of stickable surfaces you have about the place.

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