the artist giveaway

by georgia frances king

Cultural trends move in cycles, with each decade's prominent style coming in and out of vogue as the clock ticks. Recently we've had the grunge resurgence of the '90s and Mad Men kicked off the '50s bandwagon, but we seem to slowly be heading back to the kickin' 1920s. The drop-waist and head adornments are creeping back into fashion, Boardwalk Empire is on our televisions and most strikingly, silent film The Artist dominated the silver screen last year, scooping five Oscars and three Golden Globes. Telling the story of two actors caught in the crossfire as silent films began losing out to "the talkies" in the late '20s, it's basically Singing In The Rain for a new generation.

Plus, it's out on DVD today, and we have five copies to give away. To enter, please send us an email, and tell us your favourite silent film.

PS - if you're into the melodrama of silent movies and live in NSW, you should also check out the Australian Silent Film Festival which is on for the next two months. Have a look at their program here!

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