frankie ipad app is go

We have two pieces of good news for you this afternoon, frankie friends:

1. In just a couple of hours you'll be able to clock off for the weekend, go pants-free and generally kick up your heels, and

2. frankie magazine is now available in iPad form!

Yessireebob, joining cookbooks Afternoon Tea and Sweet Treats on our digital newsstand is the good ol' bi-monthly magazine itself, kicking off with our oh-so special tenth birthday issue. Huzzah!

Available from the regular on-sale date worldwide (even for you, international pals!), it includes all the fab content you'll find in print, as well as extra goodies like video, audio, animation and extended image galleries to make the experience that little bit sweeter.

Issue 60 is now available as a single issue or subscription, and you can pick up a copy from the App Store, here. Not convinced perusing a mag in pixel form is your thing? Have a 30-day free trial on us – woohoo!

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