stuff mondays - prospector store jewellery

by sophie kalagas

Given that the goldrush ended a few years back and we don't live in a mining town, we've come to terms with the fact that we probably won't experience the elation of striking gold. The good news is that the thoughtful folks at the Prospector Store are stepping in to help us out, digging up all sorts of shiny treasures that'll make you shout 'Eureka!'

Both their online store and brick-and-mortar home are heavy on the gems, from artisan pieces of jewellery to original artworks or Kenyan Maasai homewares. Most of their goodies are one-offs too, making them all the more valuable and worthy of the search.

We've got two unique necklaces to give away to a couple of lucky treasure hunters, each designed by the Australian artist, Gabriella Hirst. If you'd like to drape one around your noggin, just email us here with your name and address and let us know if it's the Mini Crystal Palace at the top or This Is Planet Earth necklace at the bottom that takes your fancy.

And if you're not already counting your lucky stars, for a limited time frankie readers will receive 10% off any online Prospector Store purchase by entering 'GOLD' at the checkout. Happy day!

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