the scribble project

Generally our doodles comprise of misshapen hearts, fields of loopy flowers and the occasional wonky pooch, but after browsing through Lisa Currie's colourful blog, the Scribble Project, we're inspired to put in a little more care.

More than just a way to waste time when you're sitting patiently on hold, the Melbourne lass sees doodling as a nifty way to send a message without words. Using an A4 template, she interviews her favourite artists in pictures (though there are a few words thrown in for the less visually inclined).

Her new show opens tonight at the City Library Gallery in Melbourne, and runs through until June 28th. With over 140 artists on display there's a whole lot of doodling inspiration, but if you're not in the hood, have a squiz at the blog for some of her past interviews with local and international artists.

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