taronga wild! rhinos call for creatives

9:00am Thursday, 27 Jun.

Helping to save an endangered species is a pretty daunting task, in the league of ending global warming or fighting humidity with a head full of curls. The Taronga Wild! Rhinos project makes lending a hand a wee bit easier, asking us to use our creativity for the greater ecological good.

A herd of life-sized rhino sculptures will be hitting the streets, parks and public spaces of New South Wales, transformed into works of art by 75 wildlife-loving creatives. The zhuzhed up pachyderms will be auctioned off at the end of the exhibition, with all of the profits channeled into breeding and conservation programs for the sadly dwindling rhino population.

Submissions are now open for contributing artists, so if you've got skills in fine art, graffiti, mosaic, embroidery, metalwork, or any other crafty pursuit that could make a sad rhino look spiffy, make sure you apply by July 31st. Click here for all the details.

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