sabbatical cupboard: take a break from your life

by jo walker

When we first heard of The Sabbatical Cupboard – a project that explores the idea of disconnecting from the internet, social media and all forms of digital communication – we imagined it to be a large dark box where you could hide away from your laptop and iPhone and quietly rock back and forth while defragging every single facebook status and tweet that's worked its way into your brain.

Matthew Little and Elliot Gorham – the blokes behind the design – have done something a little different. Their Sabbatical Cupboard is a small cabinet that you can shove your tech in (phone, computer, tablet) and lock for a certain period, forcing you to interact with real life while the timer runs down.

And for emergencies, there's even a mallet to smash your way in if you really have to. Sounds good to us.

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