yumi okita's embroidered moths

3:00pm Saturday, 06 Feb.

We've got an eye on you, you lovely patterned, flying things.

jonas wood's painted billboards

3:00pm Saturday, 30 Jan.

If someone were to install a billboard opposite your home, you might be pretty mad about it – unless, of course, it looked anything like these giant botanical artworks from Boston artist Jonas Wood.

gabriel dawe's threaded rainbow

3:00pm Thursday, 28 Jan.

Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe has created a rainbow you can follow all the way from beginning to end.

Tennis was never our forte at school or beyond, but like many former pursuits, we still have the paraphernalia to prove we once tried.

Paddy is the brainchild of Melbourne social enterprise Tsuno, who also happen to be popping up with a pro-period exhibition later this week.

stuff mondays - omnus framing

9:00am Monday, 11 Jan.

On the whole, being framed isn’t an appealing prospect, but it’s a different matter when the folks from Omnus are involved.

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