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many hands

3:00pm Friday, 04 Sep.

Feel like giving your walls a makeover and earning some brownie points while you’re at it?

sammy slabbinck collage art

9:00am Wednesday, 26 Aug.

Boy oh boy oh boy. These collage artworks from Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck sure have us in a tizz.

elise morris paintings

9:00am Monday, 10 Aug.

The more we look at these works of art, the fuzzier they make us feel inside.

mr head, the robot artist

9:00am Friday, 17 Jul.

If you thought automatic vacuum cleaners were only good for taking pets for a ride and head-butting walls over and over again, we have someone to introduce to you.

artist interview - billur kazaz

3:00pm Saturday, 11 Jul.

Sit Billur Kazaz down with some plants, some paint and a cup of water, and she's well and truly in her happy place.

Pete Cromer has a way with round, blobby shapes (often with poky little faces on top), and we’ve quickly fallen into a deep state of like with his work.

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