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artist interview - amanda dziedzic

3:00pm Saturday, 03 Oct.

Three cheers for Amanda Dziedzic, whose knack for making art out of glass has our minds bending as much as the stuff she works with.

secret garden exhibition

9:00am Monday, 28 Sep.

If you ever find yourself chatting openly with your houseplants or gently patting their fronds as you give them their weekly water, you might find this exhibition rather relevant to you.

Remember Billie Justice Thomson, the Melbourne lass who spends her days getting busy with a paintbrush and window panes?

laura bernard artwork

3:00pm Saturday, 19 Sep.

Laura Bernard’s paintings of dreamy long-locked ladies are created with a few careful flicks of a brush.

mairi timoney collage

9:00am Thursday, 10 Sep.

Mairi Timoney is no stranger to the contents of a pencil case.

sarah schneider's paintings

3:00pm Saturday, 05 Sep.

Do you ever come home and get a strange feeling someone else has been there?

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