her name is flora

3:00pm Wednesday, 28 Jan.

Frankie favourite Caitlin Shearer is throwing an exhibition with her camera-wielding pal Eloise Maree next month.

Whether in paint, pencil, pixels or plastic, Min Pin's kooky characters pop out in pastel hues and make us want to squeal with glee.

ana de lima illustration

9:00am Friday, 23 Jan.

Being snuggled up to a sausage under a blanket of fries would be a pretty great way to nod off, don't you think?

Hollis Brown Thornton is a little bit fascinated with the theme of digital vs. analogue, especially when it comes to nostalgic bits and bobs like photos, cassettes and VHS.

artist interview - hine mizushima

3:00pm Saturday, 10 Jan.

Well, if Hiné Mizushima isn't the handiest person you've seen with a needle and thread, we'll eat our poorly stitched hats.

chris maynard's feather art

9:00am Wednesday, 07 Jan.

Most birds are born into a pretty spiffy set of feathers, but artist Chris Maynard has found a way to pretty their plumage up even more.

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