Give Diana Beltran Herrera a pair of scissors and some coloured card and she'll come back with something much more special than a concertina collage.

parth kothekar papercuts

3:00pm Friday, 26 Jun.

We’d like to extend a high five to nimble-fingered Parth Kothekar, whose miniature paper cutouts have got us mighty impressed.

wildlife in windbreakers

9:00am Sunday, 21 Jun.

For lovers of ‘80s windbreakers, human-like critters and retro styling, you may like to take a look at Kat Zambellakis’s little artworks.

artist interview - manda wolfe

3:00pm Saturday, 13 Jun.

Artist Manda Wolfe specialises in painting all things sweet and cuddly, and she’s doing a darn good job of it if our buzzing cute sensors are anything to go by.

the comfort food series

9:00am Tuesday, 09 Jun.

Have a gander at the stitched-up scrumptiousness in Jessica Dance's Comfort Food series.

water in my paint

9:00am Tuesday, 02 Jun.

There’s only so much cuteness a person can handle before they find themselves needing a glass of water and a lie down

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