yangyang pan's abstract art

3:00pm Friday, 24 Apr.

Sometimes a series of carefully arranged splodges is all you need to tell a tale and bring on a groundswell of feelings.

artist interview - danielle kroll

3:00pm Saturday, 18 Apr.

Danielle Kroll creates the kind of art that makes us sigh with delight and squeal with glee all at once.

Carla McCrae's work still manages to make us all goopy with happiness – not least her one-off portraits of couples, pets and a gaggle of her closest friends.

katie wilson's illustrations

9:00am Sunday, 12 Apr.

Every now and then we discover an arty type who makes us wish we could dive headfirst into their illustrated world.

When it comes to art, Julie Van Wezemael is what you'd call a bit of a dabbler – she'll try her hand at anything from drawing to ceramics and wielding a stitchy needle.

natalie wargin's paintings

4:00pm Wednesday, 11 Mar.

Air out your tent and dust off your binoculars, because a look through Natalie Wargin's flora-filled paintings will have you yearning for a trip off the beaten track.

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