calvin ross carl art

9:00am Friday, 01 Jan.

Calvin Ross Carl creates the sort of art that has you contemplating your life in the toilet mirror at a bar on Friday night.

one polite peach

3:00pm Monday, 28 Dec.

We can't take our eyes off this cute-as-a-button painting, featuring one very calm and well-mannered peach.

artist interview - anke knapper

3:00pm Saturday, 26 Dec.

If pretty painterly pictures of homely scenes are up your artistic alley, the work of Netherlands-based artist Anke Knapper may just make you squeal with glee.

artist interview - hagar cygler

3:00pm Saturday, 12 Dec.

Aside from having one of the coolest names going round, Hagar Cygler is a bit of a whiz with an embroidery needle and thread.

yusuke yonezu's illustrations

3:00pm Friday, 04 Dec.

It’s like Japanese author and illustrator Yuseke Yonezu has looked into our souls and drawn all the things we’d like to surround ourselves with in life.

enough space opening

3:00pm Wednesday, 02 Dec.

Who needs cavernous galleries that take half a day and three snack breaks to explore when you can have one single room that is chock full of arty goodness?

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