needle work needle play

3:00pm Monday, 30 Jul. by georgia frances king

This exhibition brings together a whole bunch of embroidery techniques that share a common thread (excuse the pun).

eirian chapman art prints

3:00pm Friday, 20 Jul. by holly mccauley

Yikes, we better make some room on our walls for these spurts of colourful delight.

luli sanchez textiles and art

9:00am Thursday, 12 Jul. by maggie butter

Lovers of watercoloured textiles, prepare to swoon.

jodee knowles' art

3:00pm Friday, 06 Jul. by georgia frances king

Perth, please keep on churning out awesome people.

aiko fukawa illustrations

3:00pm Thursday, 21 Jun. by maggie butter

There are some things in the world you can never have too many of: fresh flowers, grapes, and spare pairs of stockings to name a few. Illustrations of cute critters doing normal human things are definitely on this list.

ellen giggenbach art

8:00am Monday, 18 Jun. by maggie butter

Fusing the cultural influences of her Bavarian ancestry and her current home in Wellington, New Zealand, Ellen Giggenbach's hyper-coloured artworks are created by painting tiny pieces of paper and putting them all together.

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