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lauren d’aprano – cutlery carriage

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Melbourne, VIC

In high school, I used to make delicious lunches that required cutlery (‘goodbye, boring old sandwich,’ I thought to myself – genius). However, my mum had different plans! She refused to let me take the cutlery from the kitchen drawer in case I would lose it and ruin her 12-piece set! So, I was resigned to eating my gourmet meal with plastic cutlery.

Once in university and a house of my own – complete with my very own cutlery drawer – I'd throw caution to the wind and transport it in a plastic bag to and from university. After researching the issue, I found that the continued use of plastic cutlery can lead to serious health issues, and the plastic bags I was so willingly using and disposing of were not biodegradable, so were going into landfill where they would sit for 10-20 years to decompose.

Studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in entrepreneurship at RMIT, I began my Cutlery Carriage journey and launched the business in my final semester. Now, the good cutlery comes with its very own case and is here to save households across the globe.Š

Cutlery Carriage is a purpose-designed, hygienic, dishwasher safe, environmentally friendly and recyclable case for your cutlery, with a restaurant-quality stainless steel spoon and fork included, and it’s made right here in Australia! The case is made from polypropylene (BPA free) and comes in five great colours to take to work, school, uni, camping or travelling!

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