danling xiao and anett petrovics – reco

Small Business

Sydney, NSW

We created ReCo to make it easy for people to reduce their waste. ReCo is a local refill delivery service – we supply eco-friendly home-cleaning products such as laundry powder and dishwasher powder in refillable glass containers. The idea is based on the concept of swapping: when you run out of products, we deliver your new order and pick up the empty containers for washing and refilling. Our local delivery is almost zero waste – only a small paper bag is used!

We currently only deliver in our local area to minimise our carbon footprint, but are looking to expand while keeping the same localised approach. We’ve delivered to over 70 suburbs and have saved hundreds of plastic bottles going to waste so far.

We also collaborate with local creativities, entrepreneurs and our customers in shaping ReCo. Our product partner SimplyClean, based in Lismore, provides high-quality and efficient products that are gentle on our bodies and the planet.