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Wellington, NZ

NopeSisters began as a fundraiser, organised out of a passion for sharing important social activist messages. It’s now an award-winning business focused on donating to charities who do good in their local communities. NopeSisters enables us – the sisters who started it – to respond to social issues we personally care about, while chosen charity partners share in the profits from every sale.

We now offer everyday clothes in six designs, and have donated almost $10,000 to charities dealing with issues very close to our hearts, such as sexual abuse, period poverty, breast cancer awareness, eating disorders and youth suicide. We know making a t-shirt can’t change the world, but if it gives wearers courage to speak out, or empowers them to discuss important social issues, then we’re hopeful that, slowly, change can happen.

NopeSisters Clothing

NopeSisters Clothing