anita and joel north - sun & earth


Lismore, NSW

We love spending time outside – surfing, gardening, you name it. We always need UV-safe cream, and when there weren’t any 100 per cent natural, SPF-tested options on the market, we decided to make some. We tried many batches and came up with a zinc with a beautiful consistency that stays on in the water, lets the skin breathe, nourishes the skin and gives SPF 30.

Our friends loved it so much that we decided to get it SPF tested. Once we perfected our blend, we started doing Byron and Northern Rivers markets and approaching local shops. (It also gave us a great excuse for a surf road trip to visit other surf and health shops!) Our beautiful factory is in the Byron Hinterland and runs 100 per cent on solar power.

A few years later, we’re now in 400+ shops in Australia and selling internationally. We’ve developed three skin tones, quit our day jobs and employed two staff members. We’re now dreaming big for other suncare products in 2019.

For us, Sun & Earth is our little offering in a big world, where we want to see changes in people’s health, the health of the oceans and the Earth. We believe wholeheartedly in what we make and thank our customers so much for choosing to make the change to natural suncare!

Sun & Earth

Sun & Earth