angela d’alton and renée baker - d’alton baker productions


Sydney, NSW

D’Alton Baker Productions provides high-quality mentorship services to the independent makers of Australia. Whether you’re feeling stuck and uncertain as to what’s next, need a push, are seeking external accountability or non-family feedback, we can guide you along a process of change towards your goals, using our knowledge and experience.

We created this business to feed our passion: supporting the independent designers and artists of Australia with their businesses, through mentorships and specialised services.

Angela has over 25 years of experience, covering myriad industries. It was her experience managing that raised the interest of, who offered Angela the role of Community Manager in charge of Seller Education in 2011. This position allowed her to thrive in the creation of several events, including Etsy Success Sydney, within the Vivid Sydney 2012 programme. Later, Angela worked with events businesses including Garage Sale Trail and The Finders Keepers, and confirmed her position as a pillar of the sustainable maker and design community in Australia.

Always able to provide a fresh perspective and wide-eyed curiosity, Renée has spent over 10 years getting to know the maker and designer community of Australia. Having built the social media presence for Etsy Australia and making The Finders Keepers social media following what it is today, Renée, as an artist and maker herself, empathises with small creative businesses, and knows what it takes to be a success in this field.

We've doubled our client base year on year in the time we've been operating, and we plan to continue that trajectory. This community's success means everything to us.

D’Alton Baker Productions