issue 63

How's your upper-arm strength, frankie friends? As has become tradition, we've put together a HEFTY issue for summer – full of fun extras and assorted radness – and it'll take all your might just to cart it home from the shops. On sale in Australia today, frankie 63 boasts a super-sized 2015 wall planner, a nifty collection of artist-made postcards from each Australian state and territory, plus a little bonus mini mag of well-spoken historical types. We've got expat creatives who call Tokyo home; some not-quite-edible hats; recipes for fancy, grown-up spiders (the kind with ice-cream on top) and a look at how swearing can help save the planet. There's a peek inside some Gypsy mini-mansions, a chat with Belle & Sebastian's frontman about how to be Scottish and a welcome investigation of Spain's Christmas poo tradition. Plus all the usual artiness, craftiness, fashion and photography – and, importantly, a bonus open letter to the cats of the internet. Issue 63 is a one-time price of $13.95, but we promise it'll be worth it. Enjoy!





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