issue 49

frankie magazine issue 49 was a corker. Which is good news because it means you can a) have a nose around Cat Power's abode, b) meet a whole load of people who sing sad songs for fun, c) learn the history of lady explorers, d) read about how creatives get themselves creative every day, and e) goggle at a whole load of pretty new skirts.

May also include: Bat For Lashes, nostalgic ice-creams, handmade lace, ideas for growing fruit on your balcony, a guide to Muslim fashion, reflections on why the internet is for cats, a look at how pop-up art events are helping Christchurch rebuild and four writers reflecting on feminist classics. Plus all your usual craftiness, artiness, silliness and thinkiness*.

Hope you like reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

*Yes, we just made this up.






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