issue 43

For frankie 43 it’s all about originals and individuals: people who push the envelope (and might get the occasional paper cut). There’s a lady from Christchurch who won’t let her city’s continued rumblings get in the way of her boutique dreams, a chat with maverick director John Waters, a Queensland painter who’s quit her day job to let art pay the rent, some music lovers who’ve started their own pirate radio station and an Australian diplomat who conducts peace talks with a guitar. PLUS a very special jam recipe and one-off frankie stickers to pop on your jars once you’re done, a waltz through the history of flowers, lots of pretty fashions from our favourite local designers and all the usual laughs, crafts, arty bits, musical goodness and – for our biggest ever issue – more nice stuff than you can shake a stick at. Hope you like it!







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