Issue 25 was our love note to everyone out there playing songs, taking photos, performing tricks, making art and generally doing what they do simply for the love of it. We met six independent solo singers brave enough to go it alone, a photographer who turned her Polaroid project into a way of saying ‘thanks’ every day, and three clever clogs who put their lives on hold for PhDs in subjects they adore.

We baked up a batch of smart cookies for issue 24: interviews with a new generation of clever young things doing what they love in film, art, music, fashion, writing, social work and the environment.

Inside issue 24 you’d have found a sneaky peek through the houses of three creative types, a lady from Brisbane called Jane Austen and other ordinary folk with extraordinary names, things you didn’t know you could recycle and pincushions to sew.

We looked back at the fashion of yesteryear with a story on ladies and their vintage wardrobes, Beth Ditto talked to us about modern etiquette and tales of love and marriage came from couples who’d said ‘I do’.

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