Did we have Karen O? Yeah. Did we have Marianne Faithfull, godmother of all that is rock ‘n’ roll? Yeah. Did we have loads of other awesome interviews and features? Heck yeah!

Audrey Hepburn sang “wouldn’t it be loverly” and, taking her lead, now we are too. In issue 28 we chat to documentary photographers trying to change the world, spend a day like our mums just for fun, swoon over the latest handbags and jeans for winter, fall in love with photos of Europe and learn how to fix up our pushbikes.

As the title suggests, we invited just about everyone we know to the paper and paste party that was issue 27. There were creative ladies who work with their mums, artists and the folk who’ve had their work tattooed on them, craftsters, street dancers, travel photographers, TV sidekicks from the ‘90s, cooks, cartoonists and Fleet Foxes.

Toting the wonderful and exclusive frankie gift wrap book (which was pretty freakin’ cool if we do say so ourselves), issue 26 was chock full of reading, viewing and general perusing pleasures.

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