Issue 44 features working mums and crochet-heads, ugly jumpers, Antarctic adventures, bicycle-driven art, sweet studios, nostalgic wonderment, a yummy DIY ice-cream recipe and a suspicious amount of chook photos.

For frankie 43 it’s all about originals and individuals: people who push the envelope (and might get the occasional paper cut). There’s a lady from Christchurch who won’t let her city’s continued rumblings get in the way of her boutique dreams and a chat with maverick director John Waters.

This issue we went mad mad mad for the ladies of Mad Men, chatting to Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks and January Jones about the ‘60s, women on TV and having fabulous wardrobes.

Just excuse us while we do a tiny dance and fist pump the air a little. We are excited because by issue 41! Featuring golden girls (and boys) talking about their younger years, cute weddings with guaranteed no puffy dresses, the lovely Beth Cosentino from Best Coast frocking up and chatting about thrifty fashion and a look inside the life of a foreign correspondent.

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