frankie christmas wishlist – ben eastwood

Ben is our ace marketing manager, in-house craft beer enthusiast and one of the keenest surfers we know. We were mildly afraid that his wishlist would be composed entirely of boards and technical apparel but in fact, Ben's provided us with a clutch of smart and thoughtful gifts for the somewhat outdoorsy person we all have in our lives. Check it out below.

ben xmas body

[clockwise from top left]

1. I recently came across Shaye Gregan on Instagram and tried to order one of his pieces. Alas, he was heading overseas. Shaye, if you’re reading this – I still want one.

2. A little while ago, I told a bottle-o assistant that I like sour beer (I lied. I hadn't even tasted a sour beer yet). Unaware of my white lie, he recommended a bottle of Wildflower. As it turns out, sour beers rock. Or at least this one does. If you're looking for something different, give this sour a go – it's the perfect sidekick for hot summer days.

3. Keyo is everything I value in a brand – timeless and so hard-wearing, everything they make lasts a lifetime. This bag is basically indestructable, and bags aren’t even their main jam! For the last 60 odd years, they've been making the best longboards around. Perhaps if your loved one has been extra nice this year, you can nab them a surfboard.

4. Sure I may be biased, but a Smith Journal subscription is a thoughtful gift that requires little thought. Plus, it'll make the recipient appear far smarter than they actually are.

5. Sunnies can be a bit of a tricky purchase, but trust me when I say that the folks at Crap Eyewear have all bases covered. Despite their lacklustre brand name, they offer plenty of A+ styles (I'm particularly into these wire-frame classics).

6. If you don’t own a pair of Birdies, you’re missing out. These trunks are my favourite – groovy colours, great fit, and tough as.

7. This record is finally back in print. Boomgates is one of my favourite bands of all time and this album just gets better with every spin. It also helps that the cover is pretty cool.

8. Ah, practical stuff. Boooooring. If you must buy someone a wallet this Christmas, you may as well get it right with an All the Kings men number. They're simple, made from quality leather and only look better with age.

9. I like this shirt because it's a little more casual than your usual button-up but still nice enough for any upcoming family get-togethers. You’ll certainly look swish talking to all those third-cousins you can’t wait to see.

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