Hopefully you'll be pleased as punch with this issue. Inside you'll pretty brooches and lovely frocks, tips on how to be awesome and learn a new language and a peek behind the lens with photographers who’ve shot the likes of Nick Cave, Ellen Page, Zooey Deschanel, Beth Ditto and Miranda July.

For issue 32 we captured group hugs all round with a special feature on creative collectives around the country, had a chat with Diablo Cody, learnt how to be a green renter, pondered the gentle art of streaking naked and got excited about book design.

For issue 31 we talked to classy ladies Juliette Lewis, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Zooey Deschanel, exes who’ve managed to stay friends, and an American guy who started a kooky new kind of consumer activism.

For issue 30 we popped on our long-distance lenses for some stories from out of town: creatives outside the city limits, rock ‘n’ roll in China, life in a remote Aboriginal township, craft from the USA and film from France.

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