Just excuse us while we do a tiny dance and fist pump the air a little. We are excited because by issue 41! Featuring golden girls (and boys) talking about their younger years, cute weddings with guaranteed no puffy dresses, the lovely Beth Cosentino from Best Coast frocking up and chatting about thrifty fashion and a look inside the life of a foreign correspondent.

Good news! frankie issue 40 is full of inspirational bright young things – comedians, fashion designers, artists, a social entrepreneur and lots more – a know-it-all guide to vintage furniture, tips on how to reuse everything (including chopsticks, good for knitting apparently), a road test of non-dairy milks and a fashion shoot with Tennesse rockers Those Darlins.

For the tender pages of issue 39, we found some family-sized love from some very different parent-kid combinations, giggled at quirky portraits of seriously beardy men, wrote odes to suburbia, and looked back at the past 12 months with creatives like Myf Warhurst, Karen Walker and Sally Seltmann.

Welcome to the making of awesome things. Our tools of the trade spread documents all the little items that go into making art, music, shoes, jewellery and tattoos.

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