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roman coppola short film competition

by georgia frances king

Do you have a short film script lying around your bedroom you think Roman Coppola would like to take a gander at? Well now's your chance.

There is a seriously anxious-sweat-causing screenwriting competition being held at the moment by the folk at Intel for The Ultrabook Experience. Three lucky people will have their short screenplays handpicked by some of Tinseltown's best to go into production with Roman Coppola's filmmaking company, The Director's Bureau. Yes, really.

You have until August 30th to send your short film script in, so you should get the kettle boiling and your thinking caps on this weekend if you want to enter. Before you get penning though (or shaking the dust off your half-finished manuscript), remember to look at the terms and conditions, as there are a few rules you need to follow to be eligible. If you have any questions for them you can also get in contact through their facebook.

To get a little inspiration, have a peep at the super short film to your left. And good luck!

Photo to the left taken on set at Sofia Coppola's (Roman's super-talented sis) 2010 film, Somewhere.

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