To prepare you for the best weekend ever, here's a short film that Beach House has just released, fusing four live songs recorded in the Texan desert. Make yourself a cup of tea and get comfy, because this is one helluva couch gig.

After featuring her in a fashion photo shoot nearly two years ago, we're particularly proud to be presenting Owl Eyes' album release and national tour. Just excuse us if we get a little teary - it's just hayfever, we swear.

calla french fashion video

3:00pm Sunday, 03 Feb.

This video for the Calla SS13 collection is pretty dreamy. A heroine finds herself in a rustic lakeside paradise, complete with rowboat rides, hammock lazing sessions and rolling around in some lush-looking grass.

We're very proud to present you with the exclusive premiere of the delightful Sarah Blasko's film clip for "God-Fearing", the next single off her album, I Awake. It's Sarah like you've never seen her before.

gift paper book - behind the scenes

3:00pm Thursday, 29 Nov.

We've had such a lovely reaction to our little stop motion animation we did to promote our debut gift paper book that we thought we'd show you some behind the scenes footage from the shoot.

Learn how to knot macrame plant hangers with Kitiya, the art of Japanese scarf gift wrapping and even terrarium making with this nifty video DIY series from Green Villages.

tunesday - cameras cover kate bush

3:00pm Tuesday, 30 Oct.

Covers are hard to pull off. Especially when you're tackling the wonderful Ms. Bush. But as Sydney band Cameras show, sometimes a new take makes you realise things you never knew before (and/or make you cry).

frankie issue 50 stop motion video

9:00am Wednesday, 24 Oct.

Oh joy! We filmed a little stop motion video of the issue 50 hurrah that we threw last week: it includes dancing bingo markers, mini hot dogs, a kiss-blowing Benjamin Law, rad backing music by one of our bands for the night The Good China and lots of fun and frivolity.

the amazing balthazar & mirabelle

9:00am Saturday, 28 Jul.

Bla Bla Kids make super-cute stop-motion animations of magical rabbits who levitate, pull birds out of hats and saw each other in half (in an entirely bloodless way).

tunesday - yunyu interview

8:00am Tuesday, 15 May.

We interview Yunyu about how not all fairytales have happy endings, but they do make good film clips.

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