get fancy: coloured eyeshadow

3:00pm Friday, 11 Apr.

Coloured eye shadows can be a bit daunting, with memories of bad '80s perms and reams of fluoro spandex still giving us a mild case of PTSD.

get fancy: '60s mod eye

3:00pm Friday, 14 Mar.

There are many variations on the '60s mod eye look – here's one way you can pull it off and experiment to suit your own eye shape and style.

get fancy: headscarf styling

3:10pm Friday, 14 Feb.

A headscarf is a fun way to add some colour to your get-up or show off that fab vintage fabric you love so much, but finding the right way to wear it isn't always so simple.

get fancy: the 'no makeup' look

3:00pm Sunday, 19 Jan.

In the same way that a smoky eye and red lippy might accessorise a fancy frock, it can be nice to have a quick fresh-faced look up your sleeve.

get fancy: false eyelashes

3:00pm Friday, 20 Dec.

We give to you: a false eyelash how-to that will see you through the festive season.

get fancy: fab fringe roll

3:00pm Friday, 22 Nov.

Two ways to have your hair looking fab in five measly minutes? Okay!

get fancy: easy-peasy up-do

3:00pm Friday, 27 Sep.

Top knots are great when it comes to disguising not-so-fresh locks or keeping windswept strands out of the eyes, but sometimes we get sick to death of tying our hair in the same old ponytail.

get fancy: a bold lip how-to

3:00pm Friday, 30 Aug.

A strong lip can look spring-time fresh with bright simple daytime eyes, and can also add the foxiest glamour to sultry evening make-up.

Introducing Get Fancy, our no-bullshit beauty blog series that's a lot more fun than a trip to a scary department store make-up counter.

shoulder length

1:00pm Friday, 21 Oct.

As an ode to the simple up-do we've been experimenting with pinning our manes in an 'Edwardian Tuck'. Here's a handy-dandy how to!

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