little low studio

9:00am Sunday, 12 Jan.

There are lots of things that Texans are good at, like cooking delicious barbecues and looking dapper in a Stetson, but now they've added paper goods to the list.

wish you were here charity calendar

9:00am Wednesday, 08 Jan.

Pop over to Ask Alice and check out their third Annual Charity Calendar Project – a product that's not only pretty as pie, but will also up your altruistic brownie points.

Forget e-cards and Facebook greetings – we recommend sending your good tidings the old-fashioned way with a cute as a button greeting card from craft supply shop Sweet 'n' Kitsch.

etsy giveaway: toodles noodles

9:00am Wednesday, 04 Dec.

If neatly folded edges aren't your forte, remember that eye-catching paper can distract from even the shoddiest wrapping job. And as it so happens, we've found an Etsy store that's full of it.

Orderly types, officey folk, stationery fanatics – if your pen and paper stash is looking a wee bit tatty, this is your chance to start fresh for the new year.

hammerpress greeting cards

3:00pm Wednesday, 23 Oct.

If you know your heartfelt message is going into the hands of a bonafide emotional hoarder, a $2 blank card from Woolies just won't cut the mustard.

plaid book jacket diy

9:00am Sunday, 29 Sep.

A classic plaid jacket is a wardrobe staple that everyone should have hanging smartly in their cupboard, and the way we see it, there's no reason to exclude the lovely objects around your house.

hello!lucky greeting cards

9:00am Sunday, 08 Sep.

Hello!Lucky are a little design studio in San Francisco that really know their way around a letterpress.

etsy success: able and game

3:00pm Thursday, 15 Aug.

We picked the brains of Able and Game creators Anna and Gareth, discovering tips for good e-vending practice, just for you.

hello small world stationery

9:00am Sunday, 11 Aug.

Super cute hand-drawn illustrations? Check. Wonderfully whimsical characters? Check. Referencing our very favourite John Cusack film? Check check!

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