3:00pm Tuesday, 28 May.

Vanilla Ice wasn't the world's best rapper, but if you ask us, he gave the world's best design advice: "If you gotta problem, yo I'll solve it."

artist interview - sandra dieckmann

3:00pm Saturday, 25 May.

Sandra Dieckmann's art is best viewed while wearing a spirit hood and howling at the full moon. Maybe in a dark forest. During the winter solstice.

susanna bauer leaf embroidery

3:00pm Tuesday, 07 May.

Susanna Bauer has spent hours painstakingly stitching yarn through dead leaves to make intricate little artworks.

We have a chat to photographer Kate Seabrook, who has been travelling around on Berlin's incredibly punctual public transport system and taking snaps of all their oddball (and beautiful) stations.

Nicola Odermann is a German photographer who likes nothing more than taking a morning constitutional around her local mountain range. As you do.

ps studio's porcelain beauties

3:00pm Sunday, 10 Mar.

PS Studio in Rotterdam has a new collection of adorable little porcelain cups are meant to mimic human skin, but not in a weirdo, Silence Of The Lambs type way.

ellen giggenbach art

8:00am Monday, 18 Jun.

Fusing the cultural influences of her Bavarian ancestry and her current home in Wellington, New Zealand, Ellen Giggenbach's hyper-coloured artworks are created by painting tiny pieces of paper and putting them all together.

veronica faustmann photography

3:00pm Friday, 27 Apr.

Veronica Faustmann is a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany, and lives in an old bakery surrounded by horses. Sigh...

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