We're singing a little song of thanks today, and it's dedicated to all our long-term lovers out there.

subscribe in time for issue 54

3:00pm Wednesday, 22 May.

Time sure does fly when you're putting together a pretty darn fabulous mag, and issue 54 will be hitting the newsstands in less than a month.

our gift paper book is in your hood

9:00am Wednesday, 08 May.

Hooray for print ... Hooray for shopping local ... and hooray for damn cute stop-motion.

frankie issue 53 on sale

9:00am Wednesday, 17 Apr.

Prepare to have your socks blown off, frankie types – issue 53 is on sale today and just between us, it's a bit of a doozy.

frankie issue 53 sneak peek

3:00pm Monday, 15 Apr.

The countdown to issue 53 is swiftly ticking by, and we're super excited that there are only two short days until it hits the stands.

gift paper book - special treat

3:00pm Thursday, 11 Apr.

Unexpected presents are the best kind of presents, and - what do you know? - we've got a special treat for you, dear frankie readers.

smith volume 6 on sale

9:00am Monday, 11 Mar.

Today's the day - Smith Journal Volume 6 has just set sail, complete with a miniature ship in a bottle on their front cover (our butterfingers will stay far away, never fear).

lmff frankie runway wrap-up

3:00pm Monday, 25 Mar.

We've swapped our usual cuppa for a piece of straw to chew on this morning, after last night's frankie runway show took us to the little house on the prairie.

subscribe in time for issue 53

3:00pm Tuesday, 26 Feb.

If you want issue 53 delivered to your doorstep (and may we fluff our feathers a little and say it's coming up a treat?) remember to subscribe by April 2nd.

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