blackberry and almond coffee cake

9:00am Saturday, 04 Jan.

The holiday season has reached its end, but we're not quite ready to let go of the excuse to spend our days noshing down on delicious tidbits.

typography cake

9:00am Saturday, 07 Dec.

Forget a bottle washed up on the shore, we've officially found our favourite way to receive a secret message.

lemon pound cake

9:00am Saturday, 16 Nov.

Heads up: we don't believe in a thin scraping of anything.

diy geometric cake topper

9:00am Sunday, 10 Nov.

Everyone always goes on about the icing on the cake, but we're far more interested in the artsy trimmings on top of that

liquorice allsorts cookies

9:00am Saturday, 26 Oct.

Warm the oven and dig out the baking trays, we've got some creative baking to do.

salted rose and honey pie

9:00am Saturday, 19 Oct.

Bees have an awful lot to offer us. They pollinate our crops, teach us about running a functional society and, of course, produce the goopy gold that is a delicious hive-full of honey.

with a berry on top

9:00am Saturday, 28 Sep.

Fruit salads are great and all, and we'll happily munch on berries by the handful, but the fact is, everything tastes better in the form of a cake.

Like a little mug-bound, cocoa-laced, caramel-filled miracle, a dessert appears and it's time to dig in before you've even boiled the kettle.

granny square cookies

9:00am Saturday, 14 Sep.

It's quite possible our wanderings through the depths of the internet have led us to the Holy Grail of crafty cookies.

We're aware it might look like we've filed this in the wrong category, but bear with us for a second and have a closer look.

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