9:00am Saturday, 12 Jul.

Surely it's no coincidence that these little rolls of deep-fried dough are the perfect size and shape for shovelling directly down the gullet?

Coat pretty anything with a layer of white chocolate chips and we'd happily shovel it directly into our gobs.

breakfast cupcakes

9:00am Saturday, 28 Jun.

We've wholeheartedly embraced the concept of 'brinner' – aka brekkie for dinner - but have you ever considered the possibilities of breakfast for dessert?

For once we have a doughnut that's baked, not fried, which means we have more of an excuse to go for a second helping, right?

a glorious green layer cake

9:00am Saturday, 14 Jun.

Thought up by some lovely Lithuanians, this cake is as close as you can get to a springtime garden in baked good form.

easy-peasy english crumpets

9:00am Saturday, 07 Jun.

Three cheers for the people of Victorian England, who brought the humble crumpet into the world.

cake with edible flowers

9:00am Saturday, 24 May.

This could possibly be the most sigh-inducingly beautiful baked good we ever did see – and we've seen an awful lot of nice-looking cakes in our time.

Here's a little homage to the classic bikkies of our youth, something you can enjoy long after you've demolished the entire tray.

cake batter and sprinkle bark

9:00am Saturday, 03 May.

To be honest, anything that allows us to down cake batter in public is A-OK by us, which is why we plan on spending plenty of time stuffing our gobs with this cake batter sprinkle bark.

High five for desserts that not only taste like a dream but are surprisingly good for you too. Wahoo!

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