deadline anxiety

3:00pm Wednesday, 13 Nov.

Experts say those who fear deadlines should try to set small goals. This frankie writer leaves every component until the very last minute, then does the whole thing all at once. It’s definitely very healthy. 

braking up with my first car

3:00pm Friday, 09 Aug.

Bidding farewell to my beloved red four-door hurt. Cars, it turns out, have meaning.

art school confidential

9:00am Wednesday, 13 Mar.

At my grad exhibition, my parents stopped to earnestly whisper, “Is this art?” at various piles of rubbish around the building. They were right two out of three times.

an open letter to my thesis

9:00am Thursday, 17 Jan.

"You consumed me, and not in the sexy vampire way, but in the hurtful way that made my skin look yellow and my hair turn to matted wool."

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