sam schubert

1:00am Friday, 09 Mar.

Sam Schubert's photography just makes us smile. Her Learning to Love the State I Am In series is kind of planking-meets-Miranda-July.

foto freo

10:00am Sunday, 11 Mar.

Foto Freo, a massive, month-long photography festival in Western Australia, is about to take over Fremantle and Perth with hoardes of snap-happy masterminds.

in the pink

9:00am Thursday, 08 Mar.

Pink is one of those love-it-or-hate-it things. This Norwegian photographer's short photo series Different Shades of Pink explores the feelings and textures of pinkness.

mafalda silva photography

3:00pm Friday, 02 Mar.

We hope these fine musings tickle your fancy as much as they do ours.

happily never after

3:00pm Monday, 27 Feb.

What happens when Disney princesses fall on hard times? Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein has a few clues


3:00pm Tuesday, 21 Feb.

Jen Gotch makes us think we need fresh cut flowers in every corner of every room of the house.

tricia king - aka, the itchy eyes

1:00pm Thursday, 02 Feb.

Fancy a photography exhibition in Brisbane tonight? Or some pretty pictures to have a peek at online? Tricia King has you sorted.

ye rin mok's photography

3:00pm Monday, 30 Jan.

In the need for a little inspiration?

dominique franks' photography

3:00pm Wednesday, 18 Jan.

A little Q&A with 35mm photographer Dominique Franks.

angeles pena's ray of light

2:00pm Wednesday, 11 Jan.

These are some epic photographs by Angeles Pena from Argentina.

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