melbourne's women in film festival is back

In news to absolutely no one, women are still sorely underrepresented in the film industry. Despite accounting for more than half of all movie ticket sales, women are still more likely to see flicks headed by and centred on men. (Ahem, perhaps it has something to do with the male-dominated writing and production rooms.)

The Melbourne Women in Film Festival was started specifically to boost the profile of women in Australian films, where they make up only a third of directors and just over a fifth of the writers on feature film productions. We could spiral into more depressing stats, but instead, let’s talk about some of the cool things on the MWFF program this year.

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If you like docos, there’s Black Panther Woman, a 2014 movie about the tumultuous life of Indigenous activist Marlene Cummins and her time in the Australian Black Panther Party. There’s also the ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ series, a curated clutch of docos about Australian women we don't often hear from.

If gripping onto your seat the entire night is more your thing, there’s The Well, an Aussie classic and psychological thriller from 1997, and Inner Demon, a horror flick involving a serial killer and isolated farmhouse. You can also peep the up-and-comers during the ‘Next Gen Shorts’, and if you’re looking to enter the film bizz, there’s no shortage of panel discussions and workshops to check out.

Look, we'd love to tell you about the full program, but you'll just have to take a gander at all the good stuff yourself. In the mean time, we have some freebies (yay!). If you want in on any of the below, fling us your details here and please let us know which passes you’d like.

- adult double pass to opening night
- adult double pass to closing night
- a ticket to a film + panel event

The Melbourne Women in Film Festival runs between 21 – 24 February, 2019.

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