Hello! Tell us about your brand. We’re for a life lived simply with a greater appreciation for things that last and that don’t cost the earth. We’re about talking it up less and (hopefully) over delivering on what we create. Using only premium quality leather materials from Brazil and Europe, we’re set on creating super functional, timeless leather goods rather than follow the latest fashion fads. Though our appeal is broad, we’re not for the masses.

What do you do/sell? Leather wallets, bags, belts and watches.

Why did you want to be involved with the frankie Good Stuff awards? Great opportunity to showcase the brand and be a part of something awesome.

What makes you well suited to sponsor the Fashion category? Status Anxiety has been a long standing partner with Frankie Magazine and feel that our brand alignment and relevance to the readership is extremely strong. The Status Anxiety irreverent and off beat brand voice is also something that the partnership shares in common and that appeals to our respective audiences/customers.

Is there something you’re hoping to see in the entries for that category? We would love to see an entry that we can collaborate with down the track!

If you could create an entry of your own, what would it be? We would enter a new range of cost effective bags. Something you folks haven’t seen before.


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