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Tell us about your brand. Reid Cycles started because of a passion for getting a good deal. In 2008, James Reid decided he wanted to buy a bike – so he checked out several bike stores and discovered you couldn’t find an affordable-yet-fashionable model for under $1000. He thought, “If I’m thinking this way, there must be others out there who are too.” From there, Reid Cycles was born. We still provide great quality and value for money, because we sell direct to public – there is no middle man.

What do you sell? Australian-designed bicycles, including a range of vintage-style bikes, in colours like baby blue, mint green, lavender, lemon, turquoise and sage.

Why did you want to be involved with the frankie Good Stuff awards? We love that they encourage up-and-coming talent to showcase their creative abilities. That’s where we started, and now we want to give some other Aussies a helping hand to get their careers going.

What makes you well suited to sponsor the music category? Music is something we feel goes with riding a bike – often when people are riding, they listen to music or even sing a song to themselves.

Is there something you’re hoping to see in the entries for that category? We’re hoping to find some suitable music for our next product video.

If you could create an entry of your own, what would it be? Something about the sun and wind in your hair – a little bit of adventure and a little bit of love. A ballad would be great!

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