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Hello! Tell us about your brand. Raffles College of Design and Commerce is internationally recognised as an innovative education provider with 25 years experience. We offers a Certificate IV in visual arts, plus associate and bachelor degrees in fashion, graphics, interior, game design, fashion marketing, animation and photography.

Why did you want to be involved with the frankie Good Stuff awards? As a fashion education provider, we see first-hand many unique, sustainable and innovative designs that are easily dismissed due to today’s oversized international fast fashion industry. We’re so excited to be involved with the Good Stuff awards, as it provides a platform for emerging local designers to showcase their original products.

What makes you well suited to sponsor the fashion category? Raffles College is an associate member of the Australian Fashion Chamber, a not-for-profit with a vision of strengthening, promoting and developing Australian fashion design. We create future fashion designers who are encouraged to unleash their own design creativity. Many graduates have successfully showcased at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and Beijing’s International Showcase, as well as starting their own fashion labels.

Is there something you’re hoping to see in the entries for that category? We would love to see out-of-the-box, great design with ethical and sustainable considerations, solving a problem and a real need in fashion today.

If you could create an entry of your own, what would it be? A sustainable and natural design with long-term use, encouraging a strong message in itself.

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