Hello! Tell us about your brand. Spotlight is the holy grail of all things crafty and creative. We love to make, bake, decorate and celebrate, and challenge everyone to join the Make It Yourself movement!

What do you sell? Everything you could need to get a bit crafty and hands-on, from home decorating to dressmaking to crafts and parties galore!

Why did you want to be involved with the frankie Good Stuff awards? We believe that every creative deserves to be recognised for their work. Whether it's a pat on the back or "Oh my god, I can't believe you did/made/produced that", we're all about the warm and fuzzies. Good Stuff is an amazing chance to recognise the talents and efforts of everyday Aussies and say, "Hey! We see you and you're great!"

What makes you well suited to sponsor the craft category? We're Australia's largest craft and hobby superstore, and we really have something for everybody. Our team is a bunch of super-creative, enthusiastic, hands-on types, and we love to see what other excellent crafters and makers are doing.

Is there something you're hoping to see in the entries for that category? All-out creativity! We especially love it when makers use their craft materials to challenge the form, or make something totally out of the box. Whether big, bold and beautiful, or something delicate and intricate, we love all crafts and can't wait to see what comes in!

If you could create an entry of your own, what would it be? Something that is simultaneously big, shiny, woolly and bright. A unicorn in cloud form, perhaps!


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