my week with marilyn giveaway

8:00am Friday, 22 Jun. by georgia frances king

Oh Marilyn, how we adore thee. We have five copies of My Week With Marilyn on DVD to give away to a few eyelash-fluttering readers.

issue 48 on sale today

8:00am Wednesday, 20 Jun. by the frankie team

Time for a small, celebratory bout of interpretive dance as there's a new frankie on sale today!

smith journal volume three

9:00am Wednesday, 13 Jun. by the frankie team

Our new publication's third volume comes out today with lots of brilliant bits and bobs for your viewing pleasure, including handmade tattoo guns, how to make your own cheese, cuckoo clocks, Star Wars illustrators, treehouses and much, much more.

take this waltz + gorman giveaway

8:00am Monday, 04 Jun. by georgia frances king

Movie tickets, Gorman dresses, Leonard Cohen tunes, popcorn - what more could you want?

this american life australian screening giveaway

10:00am Sunday, 20 May. by georgia frances king

Anyone keen to watch This American Life live next Sunday? One whole hour of Ira Glass! Stay with us.

grand designs box set giveaway

8:00am Thursday, 17 May. by georgia frances king

Ladies (and Kevin McCloud swinging men), please form an orderly line: to celebrate Series 9 of Grand Designs being released on DVD, we are giving away an entire box set of all nine seasons to one very lucky frankie architecture freak.

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