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postcards - sabrina arnault's barcelona

by sophie kalagas

Not too long ago Sabrina Arnault up and left her home in France for a life of frolicking in the sun in Spain’s buzzing coastal city, Barcelona. We know it for the busy beaches, delicious tapas and mind-blowing architecture, but for our next instalment in the Postcards series the illustrator and clever lady behind blog Di Doo Da shows us what her new-found home is really like.


Firstly, please tell us a little bit about the neighbourhood that you live in. I live in a neighbourhood called El Born, one of the areas of Cuitat Vella ("the old city"). The streets are very smalls and shadowed. It is full off beautiful indie boutiques in gorgeous ancient buildings, little bars and restaurants.

What kind of house/apartment do you live in? Is it typical of the architecture in that area? I live in an old, little apartment with typically decorated ceramic floors. I really love it! It also have a lovely terrace where my cactus can enjoy the sun!


What kind of stereotype has Barcelona earned, and how is it different to what people expect? I think people expect sun, tapas, beach and a colourful city! If you come to visit Barcelona you will find those things, but you will also discover a modern city full of life, with gorgeous architecture and always more cultural events.

What album do you think would be the best soundtrack for walking around? Something with a "sunny sound", like The Growlers.


If you had a day to take an Australian around your town on a Sunday afternoon, what would you do? In Spain, people eat quite late. So I would invite them for lunch at Quimet Quimet (a very authentic tapas restaurant), then take them for a walk at Parc Guell for a great view over Barcelona. At the end of the afternoon we would go to Le Fortune, a beautiful little shop with a nice selection of clothes and jewellery, and to Miscelanea, a multidisciplinary arts space with a little café. Then maybe we could go to the beach and see the sunset.

What is the local creative community like? Are there predominant local crafts?
Barcelona is a very creative city that inspires me. It’s full of street art and has a lovely community of craftspeople and makers. One of my favorites is Après Ski, who made lovely necklaces.


Tell us about the spaces and places you have photographed for us. The photos are from today's walk through the city.

Where is the best place to have a picnic? For a lunch picnic, Montjuic is a really nice place. For a dinner picnic, the beach can be very romantic!


Where is the best place to see a gig? The Harlem Jazz Club is such a great place. If you prefer electro, you can’t miss Sonar Festival in spring.

Where is the best place to get a drink? There are so many! But lately I discovered Granja Petitbo. It’s a nice place to get a drink or have a lunch.


Where is the best place to buy some books? I recommend La Central del Raval. This library occupies the space of the old Chapel of the Misericordia, built in the mid-eighteenth century. They have books in various languages and I specially love the graphic novel section. I also like Abracadabra for their illustrated children books.

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