off to coachella - #3

by jo walker

Our story today starts a little before Coachella did, but I had to have an excuse to share my International Macrame Moment with you all. This took place at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, which - aside from being a ridiculously awesome mid-century modern concern, bedecked with exposed stone walls and taxidermied beasts - is also home to the most intense macrame installation I've ever seen. Take a look! It's like Spiderman took up craft!

Spiderman should not take up festival-going, however. His lycra costume wouldn't have worked today: IT WAS 46 DEGREES. Still, I did manage a small amount of rocking out. Neon Indian, Atari Teenage Riot, Black Keys, Mazzy Starr and Refused, plus some of my all-time favourite jams from Pulp. I also met a long-way-from-home frankie fan (so glad we represent) and a tattoo model called Lolita (pictured here in all her inky glory). Yes, it was a bloody nice day in California.

Sunscreen applied: approximately 1 kilo. Water drunk to stave off dehydration: probably my own body weight. Enjoyment level (especially where Jarvis Cocker is concerned): extreme.

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