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stuff mondays - miss molly linen homewares

by georgia frances king

If you had wander around Miss Molly's abode, you'd find a whole collection of linen in her bathroom, bedroom and kitchen that is as soft and rustic as your grandmother's possessions.

Their whole range is made out of French and Irish flax linen, making their wares pretty much ideal for those nights when it feels like the air is trying to smother you with its heat. Oh, and it's also one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics around.

If your day-to-day exsitence is in the need of a pamper, we have one of Miss Molly's French linen dressing gowns to give away, as well as a Irish linen tablecloth. To win, just email us here with your name, address and let us know which item you'd like to nab.

Also, if you'd like a special 25% off this week, just give the lovely Linda an email here with your name and what you'd like to purchase - she'll be able to sort you out with some goodies (offer ends at 5pm EST on Monday February 25th, so quick sticks!)

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