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glass terrariums - miniscapes

by georgia frances king

Having a fully grown fern on our desk isn't very conducive to working due to the fronds tapping away at our keyboard for us. That's why we normally resort to cacti, succulents, and plants that don't die when we forget about them for two weeks in the heat of a magazine deadline.

We featured Miniscapes in frankie magazine a few editions back in Issue 46, and have only grown more deeply in like with their goodies. We've found the happy medium between having greenery in our lives and throwing out wilted flora every few weeks. Each little glass terrarium comes with an assortment of goodies to fill it up with, depending on what your style is like. Whether it's sand, pebbles, or a nice layer of moss, you'll make a happy bed for your new photosynthesising friend, and perhaps some little dinosaur figurines. To find out how to order, have a peep over on their website.

We have one of their new DIY terrariums to give away to a lucky duck whose desk needs a little pimping out with some plant life. Email us here with your name and address if that person sounds like you.

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