studio batch's 3D printing

Studio Batch print lampshades. They also print geometric bangles, and rings, and miniature paper cranes, not with the old HP Inkjet, but with a 3D layering technique that seems to have come straight out of the Space Age.

If you're curious about how the fancy pants modelling works, you can witness it in motion in the clip to the left. But first, a public service announcement: the process is pretty darn awesome, so if your mind ends up in a mooshy mess, don't say we didn't warn you.

Their hi-tech bits and bobs can be snapped up via their online store or studio space in Melbourne's Docklands, and until December 21st they'll also feature at Colour Box Studio's summer pop-up shop. Have a squiz over here for all the details, as well as a list of the other local designers peddling their wares.

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