the weed forager's handbook

Ever since we published a guide to edible weeds in issue 54, we've spent more time finding ingredients in the garden than the supermarket aisles. Who knew that so much nutrition (and even more surprisingly, tastiness) could be found in that untamed patch you neglected in your backyard?

Annie Raser-Rowland and Adam Grubb did, that's who, and they've written a nifty guide to the underrated plants. Filled with lovely botanical sketches and easy-to-identify photos, The Weed Forager's Handbook helps tell the difference between weeds that will make you go 'mmm' and weeds that will give you a pain in the gut. There's also a breakdown of plants that would be at home in your medicine cabinet, and a whole bunch of recipes to get you started on your weed scoffing way.

It's a little like uncovering gold beneath a tarnished, uninspiring surface, and this book is your metal detector, leading you to the goodies. If you fancy yourself a bit of a treasure hunter, pop over here to pick yourself up a copy.

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